Sunset Cliff, San Diego
Simon Benjamin

Meet The Author

Simon Benjamin is a graduate of the University of Southern California and the University of San Diego. He earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science and holds a Masters degree in International Relations. The writing of Scam Seduction was inspired by true events and is Benjamin’s debut as a fiction author. His most recent novel, Beyond Billionaire , is the blockbuster sequel to Scam Seduction.

A former award-winning real estate consultant, Simon is an avid sports enthusiast who enjoys spending time with his family. He is a native of a small town in California, where he currently lives with his wife.

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Simon Benjamin is currently working on the third book in the trilogy, The Premier, which follows the captivating life of Elliot Sterling as the story continues.

Beyond Billionaire Cover

Beyond Billionaire

Beyond Billionaire is the fascinating continuation of Scam Seduction, Simon Benjamin’s novel based on true events. This sequel is part two of the extraordinary life of Elliot Sterling. From his exclusive life in Beverly Hills to the non-stop action landing him at the most private community on the Mediterranean coast of Israel, mystery surrounds this much-maligned master businessman. This fast-paced, page turning novel is an eye-opening and unpredictable story about the hard-hitting world of big money, powerful politics and complicated human relationships. It is an irresistible chess game of intrigue that includes crime, murder, kidnapping and romance.

Scam Seduction Cover

Scam Seduction

Scam Seduction is an intriguing story about deception. We see how money in the world of big government and business is especially seductive. This novel masterfully shows the dark side of humanity contrasted by exceptional human spirit and fortitude. Simon Benjamin’s powerful literary work is touching and unpredictable. Although there are times when the reader will laugh out loud, the nefarious acts of sinful people will keep you fascinated. Compassionate, deft, and deeply moving, Benjamin’s debut will have you rooting for good against evil. What a compelling and absolutely gripping story based on true events.


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